Physics Minor for Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Other Science Majors

Requirements: 20 Physics Credit Hours corresponding to the following Physics Core Courses and Physics Upper Courses: 

Required Physics Core Lecture/Laboratory Courses:          

PHYS 310       General Physics I                       3 Credit Hours

PHYS 313       General Physics Lab I                1 Credit Hour

PHYS 311       General Physics I                        3 Credit Hours

PHYS 314       General Physics Lab II               1 Credit Hour

Required Physics Upper Level Courses:                                

PHYS 320       Analytical Mechanics                 3 Credit Hours

PHYS 402       Modern Physics I                        3 Credit Hours

PHYS 520       LASER Physics                             3 Credit Hours

PHYS 550       Solid State Physics                     3 Credit Hours

Total                                                                       20 Credit Hours


For More Information about the Physics Minor, call (334) 724 4533.