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Student Learning Outcomes

Goals/Objectives Assessment Used Assessment Outcomes/Results How Assessment Used to Improve

To develop basic scientific
education among science,
engineering and
non-science majors

Instructor's Assessments:
By Quizzes, Tests and Final Exam

Students' Assessments:
(i) By conducting surveys

The students did well in areas of
understanding equations
and derivations.

They failed miserably in problem

The instructor devoted more
time in the problem solving areas.

Not much is achieved as of now.

Recommendation is to add a
recitation class to Physics 300 Level
courses just for problem solving

To inculate aptitude for research
and related training among Physics
majors. To encourage faculty,
involving students, to write
sponsored research proposals.

Publications of research
findings in journals.

Presentations in conferences.

Sponsored research activities.

Only a few Physics majors
showed interest in pursuing

By motivating students to pursue

By incorporating research as part
of the course.

By encouraging faculty to write and
get funded proposals.

To inculcate the compassion for
other humans, and temperament
to provide service to the
educational and social

By talking to Physics majors,
particularly graduating seniors
and arranging polls expressing
their views on current science

Need better understanding of
national and international
science related issues.

Physics majors are required
to take Bioethics Course and
discuss amongst them the ethics
and science, e.g. nuclear issues,
in presence of a faculty member.