Department of Psychology & Sociology


The Department of Psychology and Sociology in keeping with the University’s mission of Instruction, Research, and Service prepares undergraduate students in the fields of Psychology and Sociology through rigorous course curriculum, research programs with a clinical, experimental, behavioral and community focus. Additionally, the department engages students in the exercise of their civic and social responsibilities in order to function as local, national and global citizens. The programs in the Department are designed to facilitate the successful transition of students into advanced study in the fields of Psychology and Sociology or the professional labor force.


The Department of Psychology and Sociology is committed to providing a holistic educational environment that challenges students to perform to their highest level of intellectual ability. This vision is accomplished through curricular offerings that promote the active engagement of students in clinical, experimental, behavioral modification and community studies that make a direct impact locally, nationally and internationally. The department offers students a diverse level of scholarly experience that will transition into successful graduate careers. The department is also positioned to offer the following: Master’s degrees in General Psychology with an emphasis on Behavior Analysis and the Master of Criminal Justice. The successful implementation of these advanced degree programs will provide a rich foundation for an interdisciplinary doctorate in Psychology and Sociology.

B.S. In Psychology

The Department of Psychology and Sociology offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. Some students may opt instead for the minor in psychology. The Psychology program at Tuskegee University provides a flexible curriculum, and is designed to meet the needs of students with wide-ranging career goals. The program is specifically geared toward the development of strong research skills, through the incorporation of several research-based courses, and culminates in a capstone, Senior Seminar course. Students may choose to work individually with a faculty member on an independent research project to further enhance their research skills. The Program also maintains relationships with several local and state organizations to provide practicum experiences and thereby, facilitate the application of theoretical principles to real-life situations. The Psychology program has an active Psychology Club and Psi Chi National Honor Society chapter that services their majors and the University through a variety of activities.

B.S. in Sociology

The Department of Psychology and Sociology offer a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology. Some students may also opt for a minor in Sociology. The program encourages faculty and students to apply their sociological lens to "real world" issues. In the sociology degree program, students have access to a faculty who focus on the larger forces of globalization as well as on the social realities of the local rural and urban landscapes. As part of a broader education at Tuskegee University, we believe that an undergraduate degree in Sociology prepares students for work in a wide range of fields. Research skills are emphasized through several rigorous research courses. The department maintains a rich research agenda and works directly with local and state agencies to provide students direct experience in addressing the immediate needs of society. The Sociology program has an active Sociology Club and the Alpha Kappa Delta Honor Society chapter that provide service to their majors and the University through a variety of activities.


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