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Department of Psychology & Sociology Faculty & Staff 

Dr. Vivian Carter     Department Head      Kenney Hall, Rm. 44-302    727-8737

Ms. Yolanda Anderson    Instructor      Kenney Hall, Rm. 44-328    725-2360

Dr. Henry J. Findlay   Adjunct Professor      Kellogg Conference Center    727-4316

Dr. Gregory S. Gray      Dean of the Chapel      University Chapel    727-8702

Dr. Lonnie Hannon, III     Associate Professor      Kenney Hall, Rm. 44-315    725-2352

Dr. John Heath     Adjunct Professor      Williams-Bowie Hall, Rm. 212    724-4643

Dr. Li Huang     Associate Professor      Kenney Hall, Rm. 44-301    725-5490

Dr. Lynn Jones     Assistant Professor      Kenney Hall, Rm. 44-304    727-8830

Dr. Barbara Acker-Mills    Assistant Professor    Kenney Hall, Rm. 44-302    725-2335

Dr. Joyce Rhoden     Adjunct Professor      Old. Admin. Bldg, Rm. 100G    727-8244

Dr. Jennifer Ross     Assistant Professor    Kenny Hall, Rm. 44-305    727-8689

Dr. Andrew Zekeri     Professor      Kenney Hall, Rm. 44-325    727-8086