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Jobs in the Field of Sociology

Career Fair

The digital age has brought forth many changes to the work world.  Those with the highest earning potential have the ability to integrate knowledge of the social world with an advanced understanding of how to use digital technology.  Sociology provides these skills to students through a process that engages them in examining social issues, research and practice, and statistics.  Sociology also encourages students to be proactive in addressing the key social issues of our time.  Click on the links below to explore career opportunities emanating from the field of sociology.  

  • Criminologist -Explore how Sociology is integral to the science of crime
  • Geographer - Sociologists in the field of geography study how location affects social, cultural, and economic outcomes  
  • Foreign Affairs Officer - Use the skills learned as a sociologist to embark on new adventures 
  • Public Relations - Explore how sociologists have a unique set of skills important to the growing field of public relations
  • Digital Analytics Analyst - Sociologists understand how to use "big data" effectively
  • Urban and Regional Planner - Learn how to use your skills as a sociologist to create modern urban environments
  • Actuary - Sociologists complete a battery of statistics courses useful in actuary science  
  • Sociologist - Sociologists are trained in modern scientific practices. Learn how they use their skills to conduct research, teach, and consult
  • Medical Sociologist - Sociologists are having a significant impact on science and medicine
  • Federal Case Manager - Sociologists are prominent in the criminal justice system  

From Life and Society, Lonnie Hannon III, PhD