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Welcome to the Department of Social Work at Tuskegee University

Social Work: The profession that provides care for humankind throughout the life cycle.

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Social Work is to provide a quality educational program, including curriculum and teaching practices, that successfully prepares students for generalist practice that promotes social and economic justice and enhances human and community well-being for individuals, groups, families, and communities. For others not immediately entering the field after graduation, the program prepares students to continue their social work education at the graduate level. As an Historically Black College University (HBCU), the Department is committed to preparing African-American students, and marginalized and disadvantaged students for strength based generalist practice with other vulnerable populations. The Department develops its bachelor of social work (BSW) students’ core social work competencies, leadership skills, and knowledge of the global social work context. It also instills in early career generalist practitioners the importance of evidence-based practice and the rigorous evaluation of social work practice and programs.


The Department’s vision  is for BSW graduates to promote social and economic justice and enhance human and community well-being for vulnerable individuals, groups, families, and communities across the state, nation, and world. As generalist practitioners they also will engage in ethical and culturally competent practice. As society undergoes radical technological, economic, and social changes, students will empower those who are left behind and do so with a compassionate heart. We believe, as University’s co-founder, Booker T. Washington did, that, “Education is not what a person is able to hold in his head, so much as it is .... skill of hand, and strength of mind and heart; and we help you in these ways.”


Department of Social Work 
College of Arts and Sciences 
Tuskegee University 
Tuskegee, AL 36088 
Phone: (334) 727-8300 
Fax: (334) 725-5476


Continuing Education Academy

Accreditation and Membership

The Tuskegee University Department of Social Work has been accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) since 1974. The Council on Social Work Education is a nonprofit national association representing more than 2,500 individual members, as well as graduate and undergraduate programs of professional social work education. Founded in 1952, this partnership of educational and professional institutions, social welfare agencies, and private citizens is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation(CHEA) as the sole accrediting agency for social work education in this country.
The Department of Social Work at Tuskegee University is also a member of the Association of Baccalaureate Program Directors. The Association of Baccalaureate Social Work Program Directors, Inc. (BPD) is a voluntary, individual membership association that since 1975 has represented the interests of undergraduate education and practice in social work. The association's approximately 800 members represent BSW program directors, baccalaureate faculty and field coordinators, as well as social work educators and practitioners who have an interest in BSW education and practice.

Department Goals and their Connectivity to the Program's Mission

The goals of the Department of Social Work at Tuskegee University are listed below and are a derivation of its mission:

  1. To prepare students for entry level generalist social work practice with individuals, families and other groups, organizations, and communities that promotes social and economic justice. 
  2. To prepare diverse students to practice social work with an understanding and respect for the value of human diversity, deliver culturally competent practice, and value the global social work context. 
  3. To develop students’ core social work competencies, leadership skills, and ethical practice. 
  4. To inculcate the importance of evidence-based practice, the rigorous evaluation of social work practice and programs, and use of information technologies in generalist practice.
  5. To prepare students to further their professional growth and development through graduate study or in other forms of continuous education

Outcomes and Evaluative measures:

Students who obtain a Bachelor of Science Degree from the Department of Social Work at Tuskegee University shall:

  1. Identify as a Professional Social Worker and conduct one-self accordingly.
  2. Utilize Social Work Ethical Principles to Guide Professional Practice.
  3. Apply Critical Thinking to Inform and Communicate Professional Judgments.
  4. Engage Diversity and Difference In Practice.
  5. Advance Human Rights and Economic Justice.
  6. Engage in Research Informed Practice and Practice Informed Research.
  7. Apply Knowledge of Human Behavior and the Social Environment.
  8. Engage in Policy Practice to Advance Social and Economic Well Being and to Deliver Effective Social Work Services for individual, groups and communities.
  9. Respond to Context that Shape Practice.
  10. Engage, Assess, Intervene and Evaluate with Individuals, Families and Groups, Organizations and Communities.  

Student Core Competencies & Outcome Measures

Social Work Curriculum

Course Descriptions

Social Work Faculty and Staff

Scholarships and MOUs

Signature Pedagogy of Social Work Education -- The Field Practicum Experience

Tuskegee University is located in Tuskegee, Alabama which is 40 miles east of the Alabama State Capital in Montgomery, Alabama. Although the University is located in a rural setting, the Social Work program has been designed to provide students with Generalist Practice opportunities. Students not only perform their Field Practicum in Tuskegee, but partnerships have been developed with Social Services agencies in the neighboring counties as well as Auburn and Montgomery, Alabama, of which they may Intern.

Students get an opportunity to apply the Generalist Practice skills in a host of settings such as Hospitals, including the VA Hospitals, Schools, Nursing Homes, Mental Health, Centers, Department of Corrections, Department of Family and Children Services, Community Organizations and Data Analysis. In these area of Practice, students use Generalist Social Work skills such as Engagement, Assessment, Evaluation and Termination. Recognizing that the context of practice is dynamic. Student recognize that the Social Worker through their knowledge base as well as their years of experience will use their skill sets to obtain necessary resources from the Community. Social Workers will also use these resources to enhance their client's capacity for social functioning and create societal conditions that are favorable to their goals. This is the profession of Social Work.

Internship sites also include; Community Centers, Juvenile and Adult Detention Centers, Work Release Programs as well as Human Resources, and Federal Correctional Systems. Students have a wide range of opportunities to obtain valuable experience. They provide direct practice at the Micro and Mezzo level notably, Individuals and Family or Groups.

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Field Education - Time2Track

The use of technology in field education is helping our social work student interns be marketable. However, it is also helping their innovative skills to help move the field of social work forward. For example, Tele-mental health is the future of social work. Through virtual and onsite internships, Tuskegee University Department of Social Work, field education, implements technology skills through our Time 2 Track management tool which includes, digital time management, progress notes, and tele-mental health. –Andrea Imafidon, Director of Field Education. Learn more about our story at the link below:

Our Time2Track article has been released. See our article on pages 66-69.

Tuskegee University Social Work Achieves Greater Connection During COVID Thanks to TIME2TRACK

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