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TU Social Work Department invites you to sign up for

Virtual Conferences - April 23 & 24, 2021

April 23 -- Resiliency in the Midst of COVID 19: Raising Awareness about Child Abuse Prevention and Autism

April 24 -- Resiliency in the Midst of COVID 19: Strengthening Families

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8:00 am CST – Proclamation signing by Mayor Lawrence Haygood and Welcome from the Social Work Chair, who will moderate the conference as a part of their learning experience.

8:15 am CST – Keynote speaker- Clinical Consultant N. Vanessa Jackson, LMSW. The title of Mrs. Jackson’s presentation is “LIGHT work: Nourishing the Roots, Healing Adverse Truths”. This 1-hour presentation will be the culmination of months of preparation geared towards identifying necessary prevention and intervention strategies to reduce the occurrence of child abuse and other adverse life experiences that youth are exposed to. 

9:30 am CST – Ethics presentation – Terricka Hardy Consulting, LCSW, is an international speaker, consultant, and peer reviewed journal author, who will provide a 1-hour  conference presentation on Ethics and Self-Care  on April 23, 2021 and a 1.5 hour parent/ child Resilience & Self-Care Workshop on April 24, 2021. Additionally, educational materials will be provided for participants to purchase and free of cost to social work students and Macon County DHR workers (limited supply), including the Self-Care Activity Bundle that includes the Self-Care Coloring Book and Self-Care Journal created by Terricka Hardy, LCSW.  [This presentation is Virtual]

11:00 am CST – Boyd Mark will provide, through remote videoconference a presentation about a Telehealth program for providers and parents of Autistic children in observance of National Autism Awareness Month. [This presentation is Virtual]

12:00 Noon CST – Lunch hour – exhibitor booths and career fair will be open. Art Contest voting, Gamification, and a Passport game will be held throughout the conference for a prize winner of these activities on Day 1. Day 2 will  consist of a family challenge and photo contest for youth and parents.

1:00 pm CST – Sandeep Prakash, ABD, a PhD (c) and business owner, will provide, through remote videoconference, a 1-hour educational lecture entitled, “Coping with Covid-19 in the modern family: A Rite of Passage to healthy adulthood”. Additionally, educational materials will be provided for students and Macon County DHR employees with availability to purchase for other participants, including a booklet and downloadable guided contemplative practice created by Sandeep Prakash.  [This presentation is Virtual]

2:00 pm CST  – Ginger Healy, LCSW, social worker will provide, through remote videoconference, a 1-hour educational lecture entitled, “Getting on the Right PATH: Promoting Attachment and Trauma Healing” [This presentation is Virtual]

3:10 pm CST  – Jessica Sinarski, LPCMH will provide, through remote videoconference, the following three 1-hour educational workshops:

  • What's Inside Your Backpack: Setting Aside What We’re Not Meant to Carry on 4/23/21  [This workshop is Virtual]
  • Fun, Family, and all the Feels: Nurturing Resilience through Story on 4/24/21  [This workshop is Virtual]

4:10-5:00 pm CST – Dr. Jennifer R. Bender, assistant professor of English/Communication and prize winner, will provide a presentation on Licensed Caregiving for special needs children.  [This presentation is Virtual]


Attendees may register via the CEA website: Click on the Conference tab, then select Day 1 and/or Day 2 of the conference to participate. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Day 1 - $45.00 for attendees (includes CEUs with 1 hour of ethics training) and $25.00 for students (no CEUs). TU Social Work students and Macon County DHR employees may attend free of cost while seats last.