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From the Desk of Dr. Sherrell Price (Accounting, Economics & Finance Department Head)

Welcome to the Department of Accounting, Economics and Finance. The department has extensive and diverse programs that fulfill its teaching, research and service missions. The department is a part of the College of Business and Information Science and housed in the Andrew Brimmer Hall. The department offers three majors: Accounting, Economics, and Finance.

Our accounting program has enjoyed a national reputation for excellence in accounting education and is viewed as a prime minority recruiting school by accounting employers throughout the nation. In the program, you’ll learn to be a leader in the diverse, worldwide community of business, government, and not-for-profit organizations. The program will also get you well on your way to becoming a certified public accountant (CPA) by fulfilling the majority of the coursework requirements for most state certification exams. There's never been a more exciting and challenging time to be in the accounting profession.

The economics program provides training in and practice with an analytical approach to thinking and problem solving that gives you a unique advantage in any career you choose. Economics gives you an advantage even in your daily activities and enables you to make better choices, better decisions, and avoid some of the pitfalls that arise from illogical and incomplete thinking. Coursework in economics is excellent preparation for students who intend to pursue employment immediately upon graduation. Our students most often find employment in the financial services industry and government. Economics is also excellent preparation for graduate study in law, MBA and other social sciences. Starting salaries for economics graduates equal or exceed those of most other disciplines.

The finance program offers high quality programs for the development and communication of knowledge in studies related to finance, real estate, risk management and insurance, and business law. Our students are equipped with the analytical tools, knowledge, and critical thinking skills necessary for successful professional careers in the finance field. Finance majors are in high demand and command some of the highest salaries for new college graduates. Graduates pursue a wide variety of careers throughout today’s global economy and can work for corporations, stock brokerage firms, banks, insurance agencies and companies, in their own companies and in government.

At Tuskegee University, we focus on producing well trained students who can easily and quickly move into the workforce or on to graduate school. We have an active department which is dedicated to high level research. At the same time, however, we are strongly committed to effective teaching at all levels. If you have any questions or comments about the Department of Accounting, Economics and Finance, please feel free to email us.

- Sherrell Price, Ph.D.
Department of Accounting, Economics, and Finance