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College Overview & Academic Programs

The mission of the Brimmer College of Business & Information Science is to challenge its students with a liberal, technical, and professional education through the faculty’s intellectual contributions, innovative research, effective pedagogy, and community engagement. Graduates are expected to be well-informed, ethical, and responsible citizens engaging in lifelong learning and succeeding in a global and diverse society.

The Brimmer College of Business and Information Science (CBIS) is deeply rooted in Tuskegee University's historical mission and emphasis on economic empowerment and business development. As an academic unit at a premier HBCU, our primary role is to educate Black students and thus, accelerate black economic mobility. Our curriculum and co-curricular activities seek to ensure that our faculty and students (without regard to race or economic status) are prepared to work independently and collaboratively with others to identify, explore, and solve problems, thus make a difference in their organizations and communities as espoused by Tuskegee University founder, Dr. Booker T. Washington and The College of Business and Information Science namesake, Andrew F. Brimmer.

The College offers a Bachelor of Science degree in four majors: Business Administration, Computer Science, Computer Science and Information Systems, and Information Technology. The Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration provides four concentrations: Accounting, Economics and Finance, Management, Sales and Marketing, and Supply Chain Management. Our Business program is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB-International), the accrediting body of the premier business programs internationally. The Computer Science program is accredited by The Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET which provides assurance that our program meets the quality standards of the profession for which it prepares graduates. With nearly 600 students and faculty, an impressive advisory board, and well-known and respected corporate partners, CBIS offers a career-oriented program that provides our students with the technical, professional and leadership skills needed for entry and advancement in an increasingly competitive and technology-driven global marketplace.

Andrew F. Brimmer Hall, the newest building on campus, offers students the latest in technological advancements including "smart" classrooms, and state-of-the-art laboratories and research space - all designed to provide the best simulations of real-world business concepts and applications.

Today, corporations are seeking individuals with broad perspectives of the world. At Tuskegee, we know the best way to achieve that perspective is with a liberal arts education. That's why each program of study in the business school includes a core of liberal arts courses designed to expand critical thinking and to enhance our learners’ writing, research, and speaking skills. With a curriculum that emphasizes collaborative learning based on real-world experience, our graduates are poised to succeed.

Academic Departments

Computer Science
The Department of Computer Sciences provides quality instruction in Computer and Information Sciences.  The Department educates students in the necessary computer theory and skills, so they are adequately prepared for careers in industry, government and academia.  Department faculty, working collaboratively with students, strive to discover refine and discover new knowledge in computer and information science for the continued growth and enrichment of the university and society. 

For additional information please contact Dr. Fan Wu (Department Head) at (334) 727-8362 or by e-mail

Accounting, Economics and Finance
The Accounting, Economics and Finance Department prepares students to master modern accounting, economic and finance theory. Upon graduation students are able to apply economic and financial analysis to contemporary issues. Course study also includes communication skills, information technology skills, and analytical skills. Internship and co-op experiences are offered to enhance students' real world experience. Upon graduation students are ready for graduate studies, or positions in governmental agencies, or businesses as economic and financial analysts.

For additional information please contact Dr. Sherrell Price (Department Head) at (334) 727-4768 or by e-mail

The Management Department prepares students for successful careers in Business Management, Supply Chain Management, and Sales and Marketing. Specific education in each major contains both theoretical and application components to enhance student competitiveness in the job market. Many of our students are recruited by Fortune 500 companies. Course study includes communication skills, information technology skills, and analytical skills. Internship and co-op experiences are offered to enhance students' real-world experience. Department faculty have first-hand business experience, making their classroom work more relevant to the needs of our students.

For additional information please contact Dr. Jack Crumbly (Department Head) at (334) 727-8733 or by e-mail