UTC/TU R Data Wrangling Bootcamp, May 17-18, 2021


This is an R-based Data Science On-Line coding bootcamp that will teach basic R programming, data wrangling and integration, visualization. Practice examples include COVID19 data analysis and survey data analysis. Application and registration is free. Seats are limited to 25. Please apply as early as you can!!! This Bootcamp is sponsored by National Science Foundation (NSF), NSF Award #1761839/1761735/1761945/1761792.

Please click here to start your application. Please see the bootcamp flyer.


The Bootcamp will be virtual.

Who should apply

Faculty, postdocs, and graduate students. Faculty from minority serving institutions, primarily undergraduate institutions, and community colleges are especially encouraged to apply.

Pre-bootcamp Preparation

  • A laptop is required for this bootcamp. Please do not forget the chargers.
  • Install R on your laptops. (R must be installed before RStudio). Please install a recent version of R software from https://cran.r-project.org/.
  • Install RStudio on your laptops. (RStudio must be installed after R). RStudio is a popular user-friendly editor and environment to run R. Please download a “RStudio Desktop” Open Source Edition from http://www.rstudio.com/products/rstudio/download/, and follow the instruction for installation.
  • A ZOOM link and password will be emailed to your registration email.

Please complete this voluntary and anonymous pre-survey



Day 1

  • 9:45am-10:00 Presurvey. R and Rstudio. Download the GitHub repo in Zip File.

  • Ask TAs to add TA in their zoom alias. Open up breakout rooms for TAs to help participant trouble-shoot.

  • 10am-11am Basic R Coding in RStudio

    • Basic R code, Markdown file, code block, RStudio interface, Data frame, and basic data visualization and analysis.
    • Introduction to R and Rstudio with simple exercises. Video 
  • 11am-11:10 Break (Group Virtual Photo)

  • 11:10- 12:10pm Explore a dataframe of GISAID submission records.

  • 12:10-1pm Lunch break

  • 1-2pm Learn R though COVID19 daily cases by counties in USA

  • 2pm-2:10 break

  • 2:10-3pm Integrate heterogenous data sets: Analyze Google Mobility and COVID19 cases

Day 2

Please complete this voluntary and anonymous post-survey

Free Online Books on R

If people want to learn R before and after the bootcamps, there are many free online books at http://ucanalytics.com/blogs/learn-r-12-books-and-online-resources/.

Linked Group https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12279083/

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This material is based upon 
work supported by the 
National Science Foundation
under Grant No.
NSF Award #1761839/1761735/1761945/1761792


Spokes: MEDIUM: SOUTH: Collaborative: Integrating Biological Big Data Research into Student Training and Education

The University of Tennessee Chattanooga, Tuskegee University, Spelman College, and West Virginia University

Contact: Fan Wu (Principal Investigator) at fwu@tuskegee.edu, Co-Principal Investigators: Jay Bhuyan at jbhuyan@tuskegee.edu, Channapatna Prakash at cprakash@tuskegee.edu, Guohao He at ghe@tuskegee.edu

               Hong Qin (Leading Principal Investigator) at hong-qin@utc.edu

               Mentewab Ayalew (Principal Investigator) at mayalew@spelman.edu

               Donald Adjeroh (Principal Investigator) at donald.adjeroh@mail.wvu.edu