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Faculty Research Interests

H. Narang, Dept. Head, Professor, Ph.D., Delhi University

  • Wavelet applications
  • High Performance Computing
  • Information and Software Security
  • Software engineering
  • Network Performance Analysis

M. Ali, Associate Professor, D.Sc., George Washington University

  • Computer Security
  • Network Security
  • Software Security
  • High Performance Computing

C.H. Chen, Associate Professor, Ph.D., University of Southwestern Louisiana

  • Network Security
  • Software Security
  • VLSI testing and Reliability
  • Intrusion Detection

C.L. Chen, Assistant Professor, Ph.D., Auburn University

  • Data Base Design & Management
  • Academic Computing
  • Mobile Devices Forensics

C. Lester, Assistant Professor, Ph.D., University Of Alabama

  • Software Engineering
  • Software security
  • Human Computer Interaction

C. Thomas, Instructor, M. Sc., DePaul University

  • Academic Computing
  • Programming Languages

F. Wu, Assistant Professor, Ph.D., Worcester Polytechnic Institute

  • High Performance Computing with GPU Technology
  • Computer Graphics
  • Mobile Computing
  • Robotics