From the Desk of Dr. Hira Narang (Computer Science Department Head)

Dr. Hira Narang department headLooking back to when we first opened our doors in 1984, then fast-forwarding two decades, I have been able to experience and recognize the changes of this relatively new field of Computer Science.  In comparison to majors of study which have been dated as far back as the great pyramids in Egypt, to Aristotle and Newton, Computer Science in still in its infancy.  This rapidly developing field is still for the most part un-pioneered - allowing opportunities for persons to develop concepts into tools that are of futuristic proportion.

To keep current with the changes, we have initiated an Information Technology (IT) major.  The IT program, alongside the already in place General and Information Systems programs, will afford our students the opportunities to compete in a global market.  We, in the Department of Computer Science at Tuskegee University, are working with our industry partners, academic partners and alumni;  so that we are able to continue to provide our students with the technical and cultural skills to make them viable competitors for industrial, academic and entrepreneurial management opportunities.

- Hira N. Narang, Ph.D
Head - Department of Computer Science