Project Description

Drone Academy

The goals of the Drone Academy project are to provide Alabama students and teachers from the rural Macon County School District and the urban Montgomery School district (ITEST Scholars) with technology-rich experiences through project-based learning that develop disciplinary-based knowledge and practices, critical thinking, reasoning skills, and communication skills needed for studies in STEM and to use strengths of the ITEST partnership between Tuskegee University (TU) and TU’s Computer Science Department Advisory Board (CSAB) and TU’s Engineering Alumni Associate (TUEAA) to foster awareness among ITEST Scholars of the full spectrum of STEM-related occupations and to chart pathways for Scholars to these professions.


Scholars will gain STEM-related experiences including: (1) Understanding the components of aerial drones through assembly, such as associated hardware, software and circuitry; (2) Teamwork; (3) Learn collaboration through cloud computing; (3) Best practices in using technology through mini-courses; (4) Preparation of e-portfolios of daily tasks, for posting as YouTube videos for broad dissemination; and (5) Fortification of math and science concepts directly related to their high school curriculum. In parallel with these activities, CSAB/TUEAA representatives will strategically work with Scholars (teachers and students) to foster an awareness of STEM career options and empower them with the necessary preparation for, and knowledge of, academic pathways needed to reach the STEM workforce.


The Academy activities are designed to encourage Scholars to seriously reflect on the benefits of choosing educational pathways that will lead to STEM-related careers and occupations in an effort to increase the participation of women and minorities in the STEM-related workforce.