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Research Experience for Undergraduates

The Department of Computer Science encourages the students to be involved in teaching and research activities. In order to achieve this goal, proposals have been submitted to NSF and selected industries. With these grants, we are able to provide stipend for students under the REU (Research Experience for Undergraduate) program and UTA (Undergraduate Teaching Assistant) program.

REU program:

Selected undergraduate CSCI students will conduct research activities under the supervision of faculty members. Currently, the research areas include Network Security, Software Security, Cryptography, Computer Forensics, Gaming Technology, Human-Computer Interaction, and High-performance Computing.

UTA Program:

Selected undergraduate CSCI students will work as teaching assistants for Computer Science gate-keeping courses. The duties of the UTA include helping the instructor to collect course material, to monitor the lab activities, to provide after class tutoring, and to evaluate class performance. CSCI gate-keeping courses are CSCI 0150, CSCI 0210, CSCI 0220, and CSCI 0230.