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Scholar Program

Scholarships allow students with academic merit to offset the expenses of pursuing a higher education; however, the level of competition for jobs in the Computer Science and IT disciplines scholarships are only the beginning. The Department of Computer Science Scholar Program for incoming Computer Science majors with strong math backgrounds, high GPAs and high standardized test scores can help to offset the costs of sending students to Tuskegee University. The Scholar Program assists students in three key areas: financial aid, summer internship opportunities and job placement after graduation.

The department currently has scholars supported financially by Ratheon, XEROX, and Hewlett Packard, and is working towards adding companies to this list. The purpose of the Scholar Program is to bring high-ability students to Tuskegee, support them with scholarships and prepare them for eventual employment with their sponsor companies.

Special attention is given to these students to ensure academic performance in the classroom, which will then be applied practically via summer internship experiences.