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Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Student Chapter

ACM established Student Chapters to provide an opportunity for students to play a more active role in the Association and its professional activities. Today, more than 500 colleges and universities throughout the world participate in the ACM Student Chapter Program, whose aims are to enhance learning through exchange of ideas among students, and between established professionals and students. The ACM Lectureship Program is one activity designed specifically to promote contact between students and computing professionals.

An annual highpoint of interest and excitement for students is the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest held in conjunction with Computing Week and ACM's prestigious Computer Science Conference. Three-person teams of students from all over the world engage in regional competitions during the year; the winners qualify for the thrilling final tournament. A virtual play-by-play account of the recent contest appeared on page one of the Wall Street Journal. In order to continue developing activities beneficial to our student membership, ACM created a Presidential Committee whose mission is to define and develop future student programs.

ACM Student Chapter at Tuskegee University

The ACM Student Chapter at Tuskegee University has been very instrumental in helping not only to spread technical information, but to spread the spirit of excellence needed to be successful in a technical field. In order to continue with this standard we have several goals we want to accomplish:

  • Bridge communication gap between faculty and students
  • Build a connection between Alumni and the Department of Computer Science
  • Promote technical excellence (i.e. programming contest, technical club, summer internships)
  • Explore professional opportunities (i.e. career fair, seminars, conferences)
  • Represent this ACM chapter in the College of Business and Information Science
  • Serve the community at large.