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Faculty Listing

Faculty Excellence & Leadership: Providing a Rich & Diverse Learning Experience

If there's one clear advantage that this college offers, it's the outstanding merits of our business and computer science faculty.

Our dedicated faculty and staff have structured academic programs to ensure the development of basic core competencies and essential professional skills. Faculty ensure that students receive enhanced practical experience by encouraging students to participate in team based projects, case analysis, extracurricular activities, and internships.

Several faculty members have led private sector, public sector and entrepreneurial organizations, enriching the perspectives and practices of the classroom experience. College of Business and Information Science faculty also contribute to local and global communities through their research and publication efforts.


Faculty Phone Office Email
Arnold, Tyeshia 727-8116 Rm 400F
Baba, Asif 727-8982 Rm 107
Bhuiyan, Mohammad 727-8070 Rm 300C
Bhuyan, Jay 727-8371 Rm 108
Chang, Xiao Rm 300E-3
Cole, Emma 727-8732 Rm 300E-5
Crumbly, Jack*** 727-8733 Rm 208
Edmondson, Vickie Cox 727-4246 Rm 300E-4
Edwards, George L. 727-8766 Rm 300E-6
Essounga, Moise 724-4853 Rm 101
Essounga, Yvette 727-8709 Rm 400C
Fadlalla, Dalya 727-4791 Rm 101
Gandy, Iverson 727-8706 Rm 300A
Guttikonda, Ramamahona 724-4613 Rm 300B
Hall-Jackson, Faye 727-8775 Rm 308
Heard,LaKisha 727-8707 Rm 400F-5
Huang, Gow-Cheng 727-8296 Rm 300E-8
Jones, Tiombe 727-8712 Rm 400B
Kahai, Paramijit Rm 300E-2
Koong, Kai* 727-8707 Rm 400F-6
Key, Susan Rm 300E-7
Lee, Hyejin 724-2018 Rm 400A
Lonis-Shumate, Steven 724-4331 KCC
Niroula, Srijana 727-4791 Rm 101
Patterson, Sonettra 724-4593 Rm 100
Price, Sherrell*** 727-8705 Rm 300E-9
Quinn, Garry 727-6307 Rm 1, Wilcox E
Rawajfih, Yasmeen 727-8159 Rm 106
Sara, Tejinder 727-8116 Rm 400F-7
Stubbs, Brenda 727-3527 Rm 2, Wilcox E
Suh, Jingyo 727-8803 Rm 300E-10
Thomas, Cassandra** 727-8587 Rm 300E-1
Upchurch, Leo 724-4347 Rm 209
Wu, Fan*** 727-8362 Rm 105
Zebal, Mostaque 727-8713 Rm 307
CONFERENCE ROOM 727-8711 FAX – 727-8604

* Dean
** Assistant Dean
*** Department Heads