Links for e-advising

E-advising links are easy communication tools with your academic advisor. To contact your academic advisor regarding degree requirements and course selection, click the appropriate link to complete a 4-year curriculum balance sheet for your concentration. You will receive a copy of the form that can be updated throughout your matriculation at Tuskegee.

Once you have submitted this e-form, please complete the link for e-advising for CBIS.

If you prefer the paper process, you may click the appropriate button to download a curriculum balance sheet for your concentration. Once you have completed this form, please provide it to your academic advisor via email or have it available when you meet to discuss your options. To save time, please provide the information on the form for the courses you have already completed before your scheduled meeting.  

If you have questions, you may schedule an in-person or virtual appointment with your advisor using Navigate EAB. Virtual sessions are held via Zoom.