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About the College of Engineering

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The College of Engineering, regarded premier for its production of exceptionally prepared graduates ready to perform with a broad educational background, graduates ~100 undergraduate and graduate students annually.  The college provides an academic portfolio through the disciplines of engineering to engage students in envisioning learning excellence, research exploration, and service to the nation and the global community.  The College is programmed for excellence with the context of Booker T. Washington, the innovation of George Washington Carver and the mettle of the Tuskegee Airmen, armed with facilities, professional faculty and staff and the resources that support public/private funding as demonstrated by its Partners and Friends.  Graduate programs explore new frontiers for solutions that support global issues.  Accredited undergraduate programs have become a tradition for students to enter and complete post-secondary/graduate studies in engineering.


Bachelor of Science Graduate Degrees
  • Aerospace Science Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Master of Chemical Engineering
  • Master of Electrical Engineering
  • Master of Mechanical Engineering
  • Master of Materials Science and Engneering
  • PhD in Materials Science and Engineering


Aerospace:  aerodynamics - flight simulation - human interface - aeronautics - manufacturing.
Chemical:  bio-fluidics/fuels/chemical - corrosion - environmental - water and wastewater - modeling.
Electrical & Computer:  electronic warfare - systems engineering - smart grid - adaptive networks - cyber security
Mechanical:  fatigue/corrosion - membranes - robotics - metallurgy - indoor air quality/flood abatement.
Materials Science:  characterization - nano-materials - performance/nondestructive evaluation.

Mailing Address:
College of Engineering
1200 W Montgomery Rd.
Luther Foster Hall, Suite 200
Tuskegee University
Tuskegee, AL 36088

Oni, Ben Acting Dean & Interim Head, Electrical & Computer Engineering  334-727-8355/8995
 Dean, Toya  Coordinator of Student Activities  334-727-8946
 Lee, Vanessa  Executive Secretary to the Dean  334-727-8723
Pitts, Lisa Business Manager 334-727-8096
 Khan, Javed  Head, Aerospace Science Engineering  334-727-8637
 Vahdat, Nader        Head, Chemical Engineering   334-727-8978
Jeelani, Shaik Interim Head, Materials Science and Engineering 334-727-8970/552-1088
 Ray, Pradosh  Head, Mechanical Engineering  334-727-8920