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New Computer Engineering Program

Beginning Fall 2018 !!!


The Department of Electrical Engineering is being renamed the "Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering."  This department now offers a new undergraduate program in Computer Engineering starting in Fall 2018.  This new program will result in the Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering. The program focuses mainly on computer hardware design and cybersecurity engineering.  With this program, Tuskegee University will become one of the leaders in cybersecurity studies among HBCUs. Additionally, the proposed program will provide the platform to expand expertise in the University to other technology areas including: Artificial Intelligence (AI), High Performance Computing (HPC), Machine and Deep Learning, Blockchain, Autonomous Vehicle Technology, Embedded Robotics, etc. 

Program Focus

  • The focus will be on cybersecurity engineering.
  • The program will be the first of its kind at Tuskegee University, focusing on cybersecurity engineering among all HBCUs.
  • The program will result in a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering.
  • The program requires 128 min. credit hours for graduation (106 credit hours common between Electrical and Computer Engineering, and 22 new credit hours for Computer Engineering)

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