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The mission of the Mechanical Engineering Department consists of the following components:

  • INSTRUCTION:  The mission of the Department in the area of instruction is to provide its undergraduate students with a broad education in the professional discipline as well as in the liberal arts. For graduate students, the mission is to provide them with advanced technical knowledge and research capabilities in their areas of specialization. The Department strives to instill a desire for lifelong learning in all of its students.
  • RESEARCH:  In the area of research, the Department's mission is to advance scientific and technical knowledge for the benefit of humanity.
  • SERVICE:  The Department's mission in the area of service is to interact professionally with other members of the technical community and provide outreach to the local and regional community.   

Current Educational Objectives for the
Mechanical Engineering Program:


Within a few years after graduation, our graduates will be:

-- successful practitioners of mechanical engineering in industry, private practice or government.

-- engaged in graduate studies or continuing education programs in mechanical engineering or related fields.

-- engaged in professional development by participating in structured professional development activities

Students working on robot in mechatronics lab

Students working on drone project

Mechanically Engineered Products and Systems:
Which products and systems require involvement of Mechanical Engineers?

     -- automation systems                                 -- internal combustion engines
     -- automobiles                                                -- jet engines
     -- consumer products of all kinds             -- material handling equipment
     -- exercise equipment                                  -- mobile devices 
     -- heating and cooling systems                  -- power plants
     -- hydraulic and pneumatic equipment    -- rockets
     -- industrial and agricultural machinery   -- satellites & their delivery systems
     -- instrumentation                                          -- steam and gas turbines 
                                      -- and many, many others

Mechanical Engineering Functions:

What are different types of ME functions?

-- Analysis
-- Application Engineering
-- Energy Conversion
-- Engineering Design
-- Experimental Processes
-- Manufacturing Systems
-- Safety
-- Simulation
-- Technical Sales
-- Testing Processes

Drone test
Student doing research project

High Quality Programs for Students from Diverse Backgrounds:

What backgrounds or cultures are our programs suited for?

-- With the primary  focus  of  attention  on  America's African-American student population, Tuskegee University’s Mechanical Engineering Department endeavors through innovative instruction, individual advising, and mentoring and nurturing in the profession, to provide an academic program of high quality to students from diverse backgrounds.

-- There’s sure to be an area of interest for just about everyone interested in the field of mechanical engineering.

-- Facilities are also available for graduate research.



Tuskegee University College of Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Department
Foster Hall, Room 531
1200 W. Montgomery Rd.
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Office Phone: 334-727-8584
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