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About the Department


Finite element model for structural analysis in the
automotive body

Mechanical Engineering is concerned with the production and utilization of power  and  the  design,  construction,  and  operation of  machines  and systems.   Mechanical   engineers   are  associated   with  all  branches   of industry and with all activities involving design, manufacture, research and development, operation and maintenance, or sales.  Their functions range from highly technical and analytical design to broad industrial and management executive responsibilities where technical competence is essential to sound judgment.

Mechanical  engineering  products include industrial  machinery, power plants, internal combustion engines, steam and gas turbines, jets, rockets, automation and controls, material handling equipment, heating, ventilating and refrigeration plants and equipment, hydraulic machinery, and many others.

Students test their design for the egg drop
project in the"Freshman Design" course

The energy area deals with the use of prime movers for the generation, conversion, and utilization of energy. The design area is concerned with the  design, development, and analysis of products, machines, and systems with regard to their function, use and safety.

Electives courses are offered to permit greater concentration in any given area. The curriculum stresses fundamentals of engineering science and analysis, and the development of creative thinking in the application of the principles  to engineering  design. Laboratory work is concerned with materials testing and experimental and test procedures in the fields of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer and design. Emphasis is given to technical reports, their content, form and presentation. Laboratory courses are selected to provide a balanced program of instruction and hands-on experience. Facilities are available for graduate research.

With  the    primary  focus  of  attention  on  America's  African  American population, the Mechanical Engineering Department endeavors through innovative instruction, individual advising, and meaningful professional exposure, to provide an academic program of high quality to students from a wide range of background. The program is accredited by EAC/ABET.

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