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Message of Appreciation to Alumni from Dean Ruby L. Perry


Dr. William Watson, TVMAA Fundraising Liaison  

Greetings Veterinary Alumni, Friends and Supporters


At the 51st and 52nd Annual Veterinary Medical Symposiums, the Tuskegee Veterinary Medical Alumni Association (TVMAA) demonstrated the kind of support that has sustained the legacy of our beloved alma mater over the many years since its envision in 1945.  In 1935, Dr. Frederick D. Patterson became the third president of Tuskegee Institute and began fulfilling his vision to establish the School of Veterinary Medicine. With over 2,600 alumni, we shall sustain our Legacy and our accreditation.  

At the TVMAA business meeting on Thursday, May 31, 2016, the alumni pledged to develop a $250K renovation fund specifically to assist with the renovations of the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital (VMTH) required to meet accreditation standards.  Due to your loyal support, we exceeded our goal with a grand total of $369,322.45 which was raised at the 52nd Annual Veterinary Medical Symposium held at Tuskegee University on March 22-25, 2017.  From our records, this is the largest amount ever raised at any of our annual veterinary medical symposiums in the past. These funds were used to complete Phase II of the renovations in the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital to fulfill accreditation standard 3, and we achieved full accreditation in October of 2016. 

Not only are you making a difference to ensure that we can support the renovations and purchase of equipment needed for the veterinary medical teaching hospital required for accreditation, but you are ensuring that future generations of students seeking a veterinary medical education from Tuskegee University may continue to do so!  “Sustaining Our Legacy” is truly the mission for the College and you remain an integral part of a sustained legacy since its inception in 1945.

Our Next Charge:  As we move forward in preparation for the next AVMA Council on Education site visit scheduled for 2020, we remain “action ready” to meet all 11 accreditation standards and celebrate our 75-year Legacy.  In order to stay the course, we are launching the “Sustaining our Legacy $500K Veterinary Alumni Renovation Fund” to assist the College in preparation for the AVMA Council on Education Site Visit in 2020.  Phase I and Phase II have been completed as outlined below.  Phase III will include the purchase of major equipment for diagnostic areas in the VMTH, upgrade Gross Anatomy with a new cooler and HVAC system, upgrade of Medical Records system (List is below).

I extend my heartfelt appreciation to each of you for your contributions to the Alumni Renovation Fund.  As the dean and an alum (Class of 1977), I also pledge to continue my financial support to my beloved veterinary school and will join you in making my contribution to the Alumni Renovation Fund.  With the support of each of you for this project and future projects designed to improve the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital and learning facilities, a major difference can be achieved.

Again, much thanks to each of you for continuing to help the College hold a special place in the history of veterinary medicine. Your continued support is appreciated more than words can ever express. Thank you Colleagues, Friends and Supporters!

   Phase I:  Infrastructure Renovations in the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital (VMTH)

Cost:  $695K 


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• Phase II: Renovations of Student Learning and Teaching Spaces in the Veterinary Complex

  • Remodeling of the Outdoor Dog Kennels
  • Remodeling of all Restrooms in Vet Med Complex for ADA Compliance
  • Remodeling of the Client Reception Area in Small Animal Hospital

Cost:  $583,487


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• Phase III: Upgrade of Gross Anatomy Lab with Purchase of Major Equipment for the VMTH and other Teaching and Learning Environments

  • Major Equipment (Projected Costs)
  • Upgrade of Gross Anatomy Lab (Specialized HVAC System, New Walk-In Cooler with installation and electrical, and renovations of the Gross Anatomy Lab, etc.) - $250K 
  • Computed Tomography (CT/Cat Scan) including remodeling of area -   $200K
  • Image Intensification Fluoroscopy for Diagnostic Imaging - $55K
  • Computerization of Medical Records – (Waiting for Bid)

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L. Kay Allen

(334) 724-4178