Welcome to the Office of Research and Advanced Studies at Tuskegee University College of Veterinary Medicine. We are glad that Tuskegee University is on your mind to pursue your advanced (graduate) training.

Ayman I. Sayegh, DVM, PhD, FTOS
Associate Dean for Research and Advanced Studies
College of Veterinary Medicine,
Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, AL 36088
Phone 334-727-8149

Our College is unique. We have three schools in this College, School of Veterinary Medicine. However, the three schools promote the concept of ”One Health, One Medicine”. I would like to remind everyone that Tuskegee University College of Veterinary Medicine was among the very first Colleges not only in the North American continent but in the world to promote such concept. All species are part of this planet and therefore the well-being of one species is essential for the remaining inhabitants. This is very important when we look at the different areas of research interests by our faculties. Such areas include: Cancer Therapy, Food Safety, Infectious Diseases, Computational and Risk Analysis and Control of Food Intake. Our faculties are funded by different governmental agencies e.g. National Institute of Health and United States Department of Agriculture as well as private agencies. Please visit each faculty’s page to learn more about his/her area of research interest and recent publications. This will help you decide on who your major advisor maybe.

Our College offers the following advanced degrees: Master of Public Health, Master of Science in Veterinary Science, Doctor of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Pathobiology (PhD), and Doctor of Philosophy in Integrative Biosciences (Ph.D.) (joint program with the College of Agricultural, Environmental and Natural Sciences). Currently, we have 11 Master of Public Health students, 3 Master of Veterinary Science students, 12 Interdisciplinary Pathobiology Ph.D. students and 25 Integrative Biosciences Ph.D. students. A selective group of highly qualified students may be eligible to receive various scholarships and work-study financial support from the College to aid them during their graduate training.

Finally, on this site you will find two links, one for your suggestions. We welcome any ideas to improve our services to our prospective graduate students or to improve this website to make it more user-friendly. The second link is for your donations. If you would like to establish a scholarship in your name or the names of your loved ones e.g. family members and/or pets or to investigate certain diseases or cases both in animals and human, we will make sure that your donations will go toward a useful cause.

Again, welcome to Tuskegee University College of Veterinary Medicine, Office of Research and Advanced Studies. We hope that you will be part of the Tuskegee family very soon.