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Welcome to the Department of Biomedical Sciences website. We are glad that you thought of us and took the time to visit our Department. This part of the College of Veterinary Medicine is one of three Departments in this school. The other two departments are Clinical Sciences and Pathobiology.

Our Department provides first and some of the second year veterinary students with the basic knowledge required before they move to their clinical years. Our faculty teaches Gross or Macroscopic Anatomy of the dog, cat, horse, cow and pig, Microscopic Anatomy or Histology (the microscopic structure of various cells, tissues and systems), Physiology or normal functions of the various body systems, Pharmacology or the Science of studying the different medications and prescriptions used in veterinary medicine and Toxicology or the science of studying toxic plants and materials that affect animals and the different ways to treat them or stop their harmful effects.

In addition to teaching, our Department is involved in performing high-quality research in the areas of Reproductive Physiology, Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery and Nano-Technology, Food Safety, Toxicology and Behavior and Control of Food Intake / Obesity. Although we are a growing department, our faculty generates over 70% of the research dollars for the College-at-large from funding sources such as the National Institute of Health and the United States Department of Agriculture as well as many private funding agencies. Please take time to visit each of our faculties’ websites and learn about each faculty’s teaching and research interests.

Our Department is always growing. We are continuously recruiting faculties in all of the areas listed above: anatomy, histology, pharmacology, toxicology and physiology. We welcome any applicants who think that they can advance the mission of our Department and College through their teaching and / or research expertise. Finally, the Department is actively engaged in establishing a number of teaching and research scholarship for our students e.g. Best Student in Anatomy, Best Student in Histology, Best Research Project in Biomedical Sciences. Therefore, we encourage all of our friends and alumni to donate directly to our Department for this purpose. We will make sure that they will be properly acknowledged.

Again, we welcome you to the Department of Biomedical Sciences website and we hope that you find the information presented here useful and easy to follow. Should you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.