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Center for Food Animal Health, Food Safety,  & Food Defense


College of Veterinary Medicine, Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, USA

 Woubit Abebe DVM, MSc, PhD, Director


 W. Montgomery Rd.

Tuskegee, AL36088


The Center for Food Animal Health, Food Safety and Food Defense (CFAFSD) in the Tuskegee University College of Veterinary Medicine (TUCVM) was conceived and initiated by Dean Ruby Perry in March, 2019, with a goal of improving Food Animal Health, Food Safety and Food Defense in the State of Alabama. The Center would play a significant role in supporting Alabama`s Agriculture.


TU Faculty in the Department of Pathobiology, Large Animal Clinical Sciences, Biomedical Sciences as well as faculty of Animal Sciences in the CAENS will play a major role in all activities of the Center. The Center scientists will collaborate with experts at other institutions including:

  1. USDA ARS Laboratories in Athens, GA and Auburn, AL
  2. Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology (KRIBB), Seoul, Korea
  3. Nano-Biosensor laboratory at Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI
  4. Research Institute for Biotechnology and Environment, University and Nong Lam, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Research,Teaching & Training

  1. Teach and conduct cutting edge research in food animal diseases, trans boundary and zoonotic animal diseases, and pre-harvest and post-harvest food safety
  2. Train International fellows in different food safety and food animal disease diagnostics
  3. Provide summer training opportunities for DVM students with interest in food animal health and food safety
  4. Cooperate with the state offices to develop opportunities for advancement of agricultural food safety in Alabama


Developing an Onsite Solution
for Safer Food

To create a center with state-of-the-art-equipment and resources to facilitate teaching, research and service for the benefit of students, researchers, and local communities

Given the shortage of food animal veterinarians, new strategies are needed to encourage DVM students to consider careers related to food animal practice.


  1. To facilitate intensive engagement of interested veterinary students in diverse aspects of food animal practice.
  2. To attract international scholars to the Center to participate in collaborative research in the areas of food animal health & food safety.

  3. To facilitate outreach activities for the benefit of regional small-holder farmers in modern herd health management practices.


The objectives of the center are to: 

  1. Provide special opportunities for selected veterinary students to engage in various aspects of food animal health (in farm visits and on-site veterinary services
  2. Provide enhanced support to the veterinary diagnostic laboratories in the college through the detection of food animal pathogens and foodborne pathogens using latest molecular techniques
  3. Facilitate workshops for small-holder farmers in modern herd health management practices & to improve pre-harvest food safety contamination of food

Diagnostic Service

  1. Provide microbiological diagnostic service to TUCVM veterinary teaching hospital and to food animal farms served by TUSVM
  2. Improve capabilities and infrastructure for the diagnosis of food animal diseases by using advanced state-of-the-art genetic and molecular technologies
  3. Provide superior diagnostic services using in-house developed and patented molecular foodborne pathogen detection tools that can be availed by private food industry on payment basis.


College of Veterinary Medicine

Williams Bowie Hall Room #2038

W. Montgomery Rd

Tuskegee, AL36088

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