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Department of Clinical Sciences

College of Veterinary Medicine


 Small Animal Services

Pamela Guy, DVM, Out-Patient

Tomeshia Hubbard, DVM, Dermatology

Howard King, DVM, Surgery

Lorraine Linn, DVM, MS, DACVS, Surgery

Linda Montgomery, DVM, Small Animal Community Service

Noriko Aoi, BVM, Out-Patient and Dentistry

Ruby L. Perry, DVM, MS, DACVR, Diagnostic Imaging

Caroline Schaffer, DVM, Director of Human-Animal Interdependent Relationships

Michele Tucker – Internal Medicine and Emergency / Critical Care

Steven A. Walker – Community Practice, Shelter Medicine, Exotics

Louis Gotthelf – Community Practice

Melisa Thompson – Small Animal Surgery

Marc Alkhal – Diagnostic Imaging

Large Animal Services

Jeannine Bellamy, DVM, DABVP (Equine Practice), In-House and Ambulatory

E. Ricardo Bridges, DVM, DACT, Theriogenology and Ambulatory

Karen Copedge, DVM, Large Animal Internal Medicine

Harold Higgins, DVM, Ambulatory

Leanda Livesey, BVMS, DACVIM, C. Anes, Large Animal Int. Med. and Veterinary Anesthesia

Andrew Lovelady, DVM, MS, DACT, Theriogenology and Ambulatory

David McKenzie, DVM, MPH, PhD, DACVIM, Large Animal Internal Medicine

Kenneth Newkirk, DVM, Ambulatory

Alberto Parra-Sanchez, DVM, MS, Large Animal Surgery

Elizabeth Yorke, DVM, DACVS, Large Animal Surgery


Small Animal Services: Dr. Avin Arjoonsingh, Dr. Kamran Babamohammadi, Dr. Melisa Thompson, Jhanelle Dennis, Vijaya Khanchandani, Kamila Correa

Large Animal Services: Dr. Courtney Allred, Dr. Renee Robinson

Diagnostic Imaging: Dr. Dominique Carter


Donna Tate – Animal Caretaker

Ayanna Presley – Veterinary Assistant

Martha Washington – Laboratory Coordinator and Customer Care team

Ernest Holland, RPh, Pharmacist

Jesse Jackson, Large Animal Caretaker

Fred Jerido, Small Animal Caretaker

DJ Johnson, Central Supply Technician

James Nolan, Radiology Technician

Louise Owens, Small Animal Caretaker

Michelshia Mack-Veterinary Assistant

Phyllis Penn, Administrative Assistant

James Smith, Large Animal Caretaker

Felicia Windham, Medical Records Technician


Michele Brown, LVT, Large Animal Services

Amber Cooper

Darci Palmer