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201 Patterson Hall

Tuskegee University, Alabama 36088

Main Telephone: (334) 727--8174

Dr. Ruby L. Perry

Dean and Professor of Radiology

(334) 727-8764/8174

Dr. Roslyn Casimir Whittington

Interim Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs

   (334) 727-8175

 Catina Woods,

Interim Executive Director
Resource Development & External Relations

(334) 727-8764/8174

  Elizabeth Offem

Special Assistant to the Dean


 Anissa Riley


Office of External Affairs


JaNeen N. Roberts

Alumni/Donor Relations Manager
Office of External Affairs


Dr. Ayman Sayegh

Assoc. Dean for Research and Advanced Studies

(334) 727-8149

 Brandon D. Morgan

Director, Veterinary Admissions and Recruitment

(334) 727-8460

Dr. Jeannine Bellamy

Director, VMTH and Assistant to the Dean

for Special Projects

(334) 724-4118

Dr. Frederick Tippett

Head, Department of Pathobiology

(334) 727-8511

Dr. David McKenzie

Head, Deptartment of Clinical Sciences

(334) 724-4122/727-8436

Dr. Gemechu Wirtu

Interm Head, Deptartment of Biomedical Sciences

(334) 727-8793

Dr. Thomas Graham

Acting Director, Comparative Medicine Resource Center

(334) 724-4273

Dr. P. Gopal Reddy

Director of International Relations

(334) 727-4438

Crystal M. James, JD, MPH

Head, Department of Graduate Public Health

Associate Professor of Graduate Public Health

334-727-8966 Office

Dr. Elizabeth Yorke

Section Head, Large Animal Medicine and Surgery

(334) 724-4114

Dr. Pamela Martin, Section Head

Small Animal Medicine and Surgery

(334) 724-4160

 Samina Akhter

System Analyst & Database Manager

Office of the Dean