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Crystal M. James JD, MPH

Dept. Head/Associate Professor

Curriculum Vitae






University of Houston




Emory University



Envir. & Occup. Health

Clark Atlanta University




Defining Health Security in the United States

Public Health Messaging and Emergency Management

Legal Intervention’s impact on the health of minority populations

Trust/Trustworthiness of public health messaging and how African Americans attend to health messages

Environmental Health Sciences

Introduction to Health Administration, Policy & Law

Public Health Leadership & Emergency Management

      Program Planning & Evaluation

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James C, Robinson, Jr. E, Prelude to a Revolution: Expanding the Power of the Black Lives Matters Movement to Decrease Deaths Caused by Legal Intervention in the United States” Journal of Healthcare, Science and the Humanities. Vol. II, No. 1 (2017) p. 93- 100.

James C, Ramirez N, “Ethical Leadership and Authentic Partnership: A Road Map to Culture of Health in the Deep South” Proceedings from (February 5th - 8th 2017) conference entitled, Examining Ethical and Other Implications for a Culture of Health in the Context of the Deep South.