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Dr. Kimberly R. Taylor has over 19 years of experience as an Epidemiologist in areas of behavioral and environmental surveillance, infectious and chronic diseases, and Bioterrorism. During her career, Dr. Taylor has established strong and congenial professional relationships with local, state, federal, and international health agencies in the interest of fostering attainment of positive public health prevention outcomes. As a Project Manager at Karna, LLC (contractor for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), Dr. Taylor is responsible for coordinating internal resources and third parties/vendors for the flawless execution of projects, ensuring timely delivery of projects that are within scope and within budget, using inclusive strategies to ensure all relevant stakeholders participate in defining project scope and deliverables, ensuring technical feasibility, as well as, ensuring resource availability and allocation. Her expertise is in coordinated epidemiologic, scientific, and technical support, monitoring and assessing health behaviors; and managing surveillance and program evaluation. Dr. Taylor has also researched behavioral risk factors, evaluated the effectiveness of public health education with regards to exposure of disease, and identified environmental and social influences that affect health outcomes.

Dr. Taylor has authored and co-authored publications in peer-reviewed journals in an effort to evaluate the tools and methods used to implement intervention programs in health care organizations and community centers.  She also has vast knowledge and experience in human resources, organizational management, policy, and community assessment to effectively and appropriately identify and evaluate solutions to public health problems.  With over 25 years of teaching experience, Dr. Taylor also serves as a Mentor for Public Health students. Finally, Dr. Taylor earned a Masters in Public Health in Health Administration, a Master of Science in Epidemiological Science and a doctorate in Public Health, Epidemiology.