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The Department of Pathobiology consists of faculty and staff members with expertise in various disciplines, including parasitology, microbiology, virology, anatomic and clinical pathology, public health/epidemiology, and laboratory animal medicine.  

The department has more than thirty faculty and staff members assigned to the various disciplines. The mission of the department is to provide an environment of excellence in teaching, research, and service in the above disciplines for the College of Veterinary Medicine (TUCVM), Tuskegee University, and the local and global community.

In addition, the department’s mission is accomplished through 14 committees which consist of a chairperson and support faculty and staff. These committees have been established to accommodate the standards established by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Those standards apply to the School in general and to departments in particular. These 14 committees will report to the department on a regular basis, keeping all members informed and updated on the various AVMA standards and other department functions. The names of the various committees are listed.

Physical Facilities/Equipment

  • Clinical Resources/Services
  • Library /InformationResources
  • Students Objectives
  • Curriculum/Instruction
  • Faculty/Staff
  • Research
  • Objectives
  • Outcomes Assessment
  • Finance/Organization
  • Intern/Residency
  • Hospitality/Social Events
  • CPE Committee
  • Reports

Also, various members of the department are appointed by the Dean to serve in the governance of the School/College in several capacities. They include membership in the TUCVM Academic Advisory Committee, Director of the Diagnostic Laboratories, membership on the College Personnel Committee and University Faculty Senate, appointment of the Attending Veterinarian for the University, and others.