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Public Health Awareness

The Department of Graduate Public Health at CVM in light of the of the COVID-19 virus (more commonly known as Corona virus) a current and pressing global public health concern recommends precautions!! Click here to read more

As we all adjust to the changes in daily activities that go along with the mandated stay at home order; we are bombarded by national news stories about COVID-19 that do not many times give you the information about the places that are most relevant to your own life.  The State of Alabama Department of Public Health’s website has a dashboard that will inform you of the number of tests, confirmed positive cases, and deaths related to COVID-19 by county.  The link to the website below will also allow you to identify the testing sites nearest to your location in the State of Alabama.  Additional demographic information (age, ethnicity, gender & race) of positive cases in the state is available on the third tab at the bottom of the screen of the dashboard.

Identify the testing sites nearest to your location in the State of Alabama:  ALABAMA COUNTY BY COUNTY INFORMATION

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