Core Values

We share the following core values that are consistent with our goal statements, namely: • One Health Leadership – focusing on the human, animal and environment in attainment of better health to all

Academic Excellence – Aspiring to achieve the best quality in whatever we undertake

Innovative Community Engagement – establishing a network of shared interests and responsibilities through collective efforts by community members

Ethical Collaboration and Integrity – Ensuring that transparency, ethics and accountability are paramount in all decision making

Our Strategic Directives are to continue to build on the public health infrastructure to provide even greater quality in our instructional, research and service efforts using innovative approaches to expand the program to do the following:

a. Recruit, retain and graduate public health professionals to advance the animal, human and environmental interface;

b. Advance the One-Health concept to make a significant contribution to solving health problems of populations and communities, particularly those in the Black Belt Counties of the southern USA, but without excluding other national and international communities;

c. Build intersectoral bridges across a broad spectrum of public health disciplines with some emphasis on agricultural health and food safety as essentials of public health;

d. Identify important, selective disparities in minority and underserved communities and within the manageable interests of the GPHP, and advocate for the assurance of public health services delivery, the promotion of health and protection of the public’s health;

e. Maximize partnership and collaborative networks to seek out planning and implementation instruments that could yield sustainable impact on the communities to be serviced by the GPHP;

f. Advocate for assurance of improved access to quality health care, ethical public health services, social justice, and reduction in identified health disparities in vulnerable and underserved communities with emphasis on the Black Belt Counties of Alabama; and

g. Increase access to funded research grants, and generate publications and presentations related to public health in various areas of concern.