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Building upon the legacy of Tuskegee University, the mission of the DGPH is to prepare the next generation of diverse leadership through research, innovation,

advocacy and community engagement.


To address health inequities and protect, promote and sustain the public’s health

Core Values

• Ethical Leadership

• Integrity

• Excellence

• Diversity of gender, ethnicity, & culture

• Tell our stories


It is the belief of the GPHP that ethical leaders are positive change agents.  As Dr. Frederick Patterson stated in a speech given in 1944:

          “Change agents are critical links to enable community to grow, be healthy and make a positive contribution to America.  Their road is often rocky, but they are sustained by their training and commitment to make the world a better place in which to live.” (Source: Speech, 1944 New York)

Our goals focused on leadership, research, innovative teaching, service learning and ethics (L-RISE) reflect the belief of Dr. Patterson.

Goal #1: Excellence in Leadership- Train, educate and equip public health graduates for leadership roles through effective management, policy analysis, health planning and competence in community education and engagement.

Goal #2: Excellence in Research- Utilizing collaborative partnerships to foster Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR) strategies for improving community/population health and well-being.

Goal #3: Excellence in Innovative Teaching- Nurture critical thinking and innovative teaching strategies to provide for the highest academic performance.

Goal #4: Excellence in Service Learning- Establish strong community partnerships for effective delivery of timely, evidenced based, service learning with respect, integrity and inclusion of community stake holders.

Goal #5: Excellence in Public Health Ethics-Train and prepare public health graduates in the essential aspects of public health ethics for the workforce and for community advancement.