College of Veterinary Medicine, TUCVM Scholarships

The College of Veterinary Medicine awards numerous scholarships from a variety of sources (corporations, individuals, alumni, and other organizations). All scholarships have specific criteria that must be met in order for students to qualify. Even though all scholarships are housed with the Office of Financial Aid, awards are made through their respective units.

List of available scholarships

* Endowed Scholarships

* General Scholarships

Sponsored Scholarships:

The Omari Blake Scholarship

The Westminster Kennel Foundation Scholarship Fund

The Alan Eidelberg Medical Memorial Scholarship

Western Veterinary Conference

Nestle Purina

Laura Weil Mandell Scholarship

Dr. Luis T Ramos Scholarship Award

H. Kelley Jones Scholarship Award

Dr. & Mrs. Aaron Gorth, Jr. Scholarship Award

The Mcconnell Group Scholarship Award

Bayer Scholarship Award

List of Endowed Scholarships

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