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Welcome to the 2024 TUCVM Summer Enrichment and Reinforcement Program (SERP)!

    IF YOU...

1. Want to really know what it takes to succeed in vet school? Yes
2. Want to know first-hand what to expect in your first year of vet school? Yes
3. Want a head start adapting your learning style to the teaching style of real veterinary
instructors? Yes
4. Want to know how to use metacognitive strategies effectively with your learning
style? Yes

Then, SERP is for YOU!


Since the summer of 2018, SERP has been remodeled to include exciting enhancements:
•Extends the didactic aspect of the course work which allows more exposure to the veterinary curriculum
•Increase opportunities to reinforce veterinary theory with application
•All within a modified schedule of five weeks.

Critical features maintained from the original model are evaluations and the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge from actual veterinary medicine instructors. Pre and post-evaluations are administered during the didactic phase of SERP. Instructors utilize this data to identify specific areas of development for each participant and recommend supplemental resources. SERP empowers participants with the knowledge of learning styles, metacognitive strategies, and post-evaluation assessments to effectively customize an Academic Success Plan.

Topics include:

•  Medical Terminology
• Qualitative-Quantitative Calculations
• Pharmacology
• Anatomy of the Cell and Histology
• Gross Anatomy
• Veterinary Physiology
• Reactions in Physiological Chemistry
• Necropsy
• Veterinary Microbiology
• Reactions Pathology of the Cell
• Veterinary Parasitology
• Clinical Pathology
• Anatomic Pathology
• Presentation of Small and Large Animal Cases
• Research & Veterinary Medicine
• Practical metacognitive strategies, test-taking strategies, and note-taking skills


2024 Summer Enrichment and Reinforcement Program (SERP)

Dates: Monday, June 3, 2024 to Tuesday, July 2, 2024
(In observance of the Juneteenth Holiday (June 19, 2023), no classes will be held.)

Please use the link below to apply for the 2024 SERP Program by March 31, 2024 (Limited slots available):

We hope that you will consider applying for this remarkable experience.
For more information

Madryn Odom, EdD, MBA or Ebony Gilbreath, DVM, PhD, DACVP and cc: Debra Mitchell
Director of Academic Support Programs, Student Success, and Retention
Office of Academic Affairs
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Administrative Assistant to the Associate Dean
(334)727-8121 (334) 724-4103 334-727-8027

Student Reflections on the SERP program:

“The program gave me a foundation on which I can now build by carrying out my concentrated research. With the plethora of new information, work, and tests, also came the formation of study groups to make it through, and consequently, new bonds and lifelong friendships were formed.”- J. Richardson (pre-vet student).

“This program taught me that even with all the resources in the world at your disposal, success starts within you.”- E. Webber (pre-vet student).

“I learned to reach out to my professors and classmates and speak up when I did not understand something. I learned that my vet school family is going to play a major role in getting through the veterinary curriculum. This program is different because I got first-hand experience in just how much of a family the vet school community is.” – K. Nel (pre-vet student).

“I liked that I was able to refresh my knowledge on the topics that will be covered in my first semester at TUCVM. It was helpful to see how much knowledge I retained and distinguish which classes I had more difficulty learning than others. I furthermore appreciated the opportunity to meet my future professors and some of the upperclassmen.”- J. Smith (Class of 2026).

“I enjoyed how nice and informative the (TUCVM) staff were and how the SERP program gave a glimpse as to how vet school will be.” N. Reeves (Class of 2026).