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Welcome to the Veterinary Diagnostic Services Lab at Tuskegee University, where compassion meets cutting-edge science in animal healthcare. Our laboratories are situated next to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital within the College of Veterinary Medicine (TUCVM), specifically on the second floor of Williams Bowie Hall. Our lab is dedicated to providing accurate and comprehensive diagnostic solutions for the veterinary community. With advanced technologies and a team of experienced veterinarians and technicians, we offer a wide range of services. Whether diagnosing infectious diseases, conducting cytology evaluations, or any other diagnostic test, we aim to support veterinarians in delivering the best possible care for their animal patients. With a deep understanding of the unique needs of veterinary medicine, we are committed to excellence, precision, and ultimately, the health and well-being of companion animals and livestock alike. Welcome to a world where every diagnosis is a step towards better veterinary care, here at TU's Veterinary Diagnostic Services Lab.

Vet Diagnostic Lab


Dr. Yazeed Abdelmageed

Yazeed Abdelmageed

Department: Pathobiology/Diagnostic Services
Office Phone: 334.727.8553
Cell: 334.559.0536
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Discover the mission-driven excellence of the Veterinary Diagnostic Services Laboratories at TU. We are dedicated to delivering a comprehensive suite of diagnostic services tailored to support the esteemed Veterinary Teaching Hospital, foster cutting-edge intramural and extramural research, and cater to the needs of discerning pet owners. Our commitment extends beyond mere diagnostics; we proudly offer specialized surgical pathology services to regional veterinarians, ensuring the highest standards of care for animal patients across the region. Backed by a team of seasoned professionals and state-of-the-art technology, we strive to be the cornerstone of veterinary diagnostics, providing precise insights and unwavering support to all facets of animal healthcare. Welcome to a realm where expertise meets compassion, here at TU's Veterinary Diagnostic Services Laboratories.

Capability Statement:

At TU's Veterinary Diagnostic Services, we're dedicated to advancing diagnostic capabilities to ensure reliable and precise laboratory results. Our services, including anatomic pathology, clinical pathology, Bacteriology, Mycology, and Parasitology, play a crucial role in accurate clinical diagnoses and effective therapy. Supporting both research projects and regional veterinarians, we provide essential biopsy and necropsy reports vital for treatment decisions and postmortem analysis. Integral to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital and student training, our laboratory services furnish clinicians with essential in-life and postmortem information. From clinical chemistries to microbiological examinations, we offer a comprehensive suite of tests to aid diagnosis and monitor patient progress. Moreover, our veterinary pathologists provide valuable consultation to bridge clinical observations with pathological findings. For years, TU has extended its diagnostic services to surrounding veterinarians and regional states, offering rapid diagnoses and consultation through our mail-in biopsy and cytology service. This outreach initiative not only supports regional animal populations but also enhances the training of our veterinary and graduate students, ensuring a brighter future for veterinary medicine.

Our Key Components of Diagnostic Services include various specialized labs like clinical pathology, microbiology, histology, and anatomic pathology offering a wide range of diagnostic tests to assess patient health.

                                   Clinical Pathology            Bacteriology, Mycology, and Parasitology

Clinical Pathology


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