Within ten years, The College will become a premier, interdisciplinary academic center for health sciences education, research and service with core ethical values that promote academic and professional excellence. The College:

* Seeks to be fully accredited by its respective professional health programs accrediting bodies to advance the respective legacies of veterinary medicine, and laboratory clinical sciences.

* Graduates health professionals who are exceptionally trained to and prepared to address problems of the 21st century.

* Promotes and advances the One Medicine~One Health concept by building bridges to connect animal health and human health.

* Recruits, retains and graduates health professions students who perform at high passing rates (95% or higher) on national examinations.

* Advances integrative graduate/postgraduate education and research and graduates PhDs in Integrative Biosciences, adds a new MPH Program, all focused on advancing biomedical sciences with emphasis on health disparity diseases of national concern.

* Builds bridges across the disciplines especially with the agricultural and food sciences, the physical sciences and the social sciences. • Uses creative strategies in Resources development to significantly increase extramural grants, scholarly productivity and leadership.

* Recognized and respected locally, nationally and internationally for its diversity and its contributions to promoting academic and professional excellence with passion and compassion.