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Tuskegee University Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital

VMTH Admissions and Discharge

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What to expect upon arrival at the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital 

Upon arrival to the hospital, our reception team will assist you with the check-in registration for your visit. They will verify your personal information and your animal’s information. The team will also confirm the information for your referring and/or regular veterinarian to ensure that we are able to communicate effectively with them regarding your animal’s visit to the hospital. The client and patient are directed to the appropriate waiting area while a 4th year veterinary student looks over the patient’s medical records. The client and patient are taken to an exam room where the animal's health is discussed as the animal is examined. A clinician, who has been briefed by the student, joins the client and patient in the exam room for additional examination, diagnosis and recommendations.


Our veterinary care team will closely supervise fourth year veterinary students, licensed veterinary technicians and interns. Interns are veterinarians that do additional training among the specialty services for a 12 month period. In most instances, your visit will begin with a fourth year student who will gather information about your animal’s medical history and who will perform a physical examination on your animal. The student will then review the information with the intern and the attending faculty who will then join you and the student to complete the exam process. Every step of your animal’s treatment and care is supervised by a faculty clinician.


Your animal's veterinary care team will discuss appropriate diagnostic and treatment options with you. In addition, you will receive an estimate with the costs associated with the proposed medical plan. If you have questions about our payment policy, please inform your veterinary care team and they will connect you with our Business Office to discuss payment. If you plan to visit your animal during hospitalization, please discuss with your veterinary medical team to make arrangements.


During the discharge process, you will receive detailed instructions from your veterinary care team outlining the care your animal will need after leaving the hospital. The instructions will include detailed information about treatments and recommended follow-ups with your veterinarian. At the time of discharge, our payment policy requires that payment be made in full for all services provided. The hospital accepts cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and i-care.

We do accept i-care.which provides a credit line for treatments and procedures. For more information or to apply for i-care., inquire at the reception desk.

If you have any additional questions on payments or applying for i-care. feel free to contact our Business Office at 334-724-4137. i-care financial is a finance program which provide a line of credit to the client for treatment and procedure.