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The Integrative Biosciences (IBS) Ph.D Program

About the Program Student looks through microscope

Advances in the life sciences that address local and global challenges require new approaches to graduate education and research. The Tuskegee University Integrative Biosciences (IBS) Ph.D. program is designed to develop professionals who have not only technical proficiency but who also possess the flexibility and adaptability to address the complexities of current challenges. The program strengthens candidates’ knowledge and technical proficiency across the life sciences, preparing them for collaborative, multidisciplinary assignments in several fields. Students can expect interdisciplinary learning via faculty co-advisors, research, coursework, seminars, public/private sector internships, and teaching experiences.


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Dr. Ruby L. Perry, Dean and Professor of Radiology at the College of Veterinary Medicine.

A. Deloris Alexander, Ph.D.

Director, Integrative Biosciences PhD Program

Associate Professor

Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

     (College of Agriculture, Environment, and Nutrition Sci.)

Department of Biology

     (College of Arts and Sciences)

Department of Pathobiology

     (College of Veterinary Medicine)

110 Henderson Hall

Tuskegee University

1200 W. Old Montgomery Rd.

Tuskegee, AL 36088

Phone: 334-552-0690

Fax: 334-724-4867

IBS PhD Program Office:

70-116 Kenney Hall

Tuskegee University

1200 W Old Montgomery Rd

Tuskegee, AL 36088

Phone: 334-724-4550

facebook: Integrative Biosciences