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Tuskegee University Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital

Small Animal Dentistry

Periodontal disease (inflammation of the gum and loss of bone and support structures around the teeth) is the most common disease in adult dogs and cats.

Other common abnormalities in dentistry include bad odor, tartar build-up, tooth fractures, persistent deciduous (baby) teeth, tooth resorption, occlusion problems, un-erupted teeth, enamel problems, and growth in the mouth. By age three, most pets show some of these abnormalities.

In our teaching hospital, we perform tooth-by-tooth oral exams, dental radiographs (donated by TUSVM class of 2009), dental prophylaxis, extractions, and various dental treatments.

All procedures and dental radiographs are performed under general anesthesia. With collaborative efforts with other departments, we offer comprehensive care to patients, including those with systemic diseases.

As in human dentistry, it is important to maintain a healthy mouth as pets age.

Many dental problems are preventable. We also help pet owners choose the best home oral care plan for their pets.

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