Tuskegee University Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital


Out-Patient Service is responsible for the health care management of patients who come to the hospital for evaluation, diagnosis and treatment. Some patients are managed on an outpatient base (returned home with owners); whereas others are admitted to the hospital for further evaluation treatment and care. Students that are assigned to this service are provided an opportunity to participate and develop proficiency at 90% in record keeping, history taking, client communication, physical examination, clinical diagnosis, differential diagnosis, preventative treatment and screenings, and client education. Multiple disciplines are entwined in this service to include: canine and feline behavior consultation, obedience training for canines, nutritional consultation for canine and feline, preventative health care for small animals and exotic pets, community out reach programs, small animal reproductive services, dermatology consultation and dental prophylaxis.

We strive to exceed the public expectations to provide practical, affordable veterinary care. Our professional staff offers a commitment to give you and your pets the highest quality service possible to ensure an excellent, joyful relationship for your family and your pets well being. Your pet’s safety, health and happiness come first.