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School of Education (SOE)

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Education Accreditation

The School of Education offers accredited undergraduate programs that lead to the bachelor of arts degree and to professional teacher certification in Elementary Education, English Language Arts, General Science Education, Mathematics Education, and Physical Education.  The Selected Improvement Commission of the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) at its October 21-25, 2016 meeting continued the NCATE accreditation of the School of Education at Tuskegee University. 

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MEASURE 1: Completer Effectiveness

The EPP utilized the ALACTE survey of new first-year teachers to collect completer’s impact on P-12 student learning and teacher effectiveness data. The survey contains 26 items. In most of the categories, completer responded as 100% agreed or strongly agreed compare to statewide average responses as 48% agree and 45% strongly agree. Tuskegee’s School of Education First Year completer’s scores indicated that the program prepares them to:

Table 1: Impact on P-12 Student Learning

Catagories Strongly Agree Agree
Understanding of how learners grow and develop 100 %
Understanding of learners' commonalities and individual differences 100 %
Understand the central concepts, tools of inquiry and structures of the discipline(s) he or she teaches 100 %
Understand and use a variety of instructional strategies and make learning accessible to all learners 100 %
Encourage learners to develop deep understanding of content areas, make connections across content, and applies content knowledge in meaningful ways 100 %
Select, create, and sequence learning experiences and performance tasks that support learners in reaching rigorous curriculum goals based on content standards and cross-disciplinary skills 100 %


Table 2: Teacher Effectiveness

Catagories Strongly Agree Agree
Manage the learning environment to engage learners actively 100 %
Connect concepts, perspectives from varied disciplines, and interdisciplinary themes to real world problems and issues 100 %
Use, design, or adapt multiple methods of assessment to document, monitor, and support learner progress appropriate for learning goals and objectives 100 %
Understand the central concepts, tools of inquiry and structures of the discipline(s) he or she teaches 100 %
Implement assessments in an ethical manner and minimize bias to enable learners to display the full extent of their learning 100 %
Plan instruction based on information from formative and summative assessments as well as other sources and systematically adjust plans to meet each student's learning needs 50 % 50 %
Engage learners in critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication to address authentic local and global issues 100 %
Use assessment to engage learners in their own growth 100 %
Plan instruction by collaborating with colleagues, specialists, community resources, families and learners to meet individual learning needs 100 %
Engage in continuous professional learning to more effectively meet the needs of each learner 100 %

MEASURE 2: Satisfaction of Employer

The EPP continues to employ the ALACTE survey for employers of new teachers to collect teacher effectiveness data. Tuskegee’s School of Education First Year completer was rated above the Alabama statewide average in the “Effective Teacher” category on items 20 and in the “Teacher Leader” category on 12 items. Overall, Tuskegee completer was rated at or above the statewide average on 25 items (96%). 

MEASURE 3: Candidate Competency at Completion

Our initial level programs use multiple measures to determine if our teacher candidates are ready for the profession. Our candidates must successfully complete:

a. State approved checklist for their respective programs
b. Licensure exams: one or more standardized tests (Praxis II content knowledge or Content subjects)
c. edTPA that is required for all interns to pass. It is also one of the graduation requirements. Passing score for Elementary education is 44; for all other subjects is 37. 

Table: edTPA passing score average (Elementary major only)

AY 2018-2019 AY 2019-2020 AY 2020-2021
edTPA score – 47.5 edTPA score – 47.7 edTPA mean score – 54

MEASURE 4: Ability of Completer to be Hired

Ability of completers to be hired in Education position in Alabama are based on the following:

a. Students must graduate from their programs
b. Pass edTPA requirements set by ALSDE

2020-2021 completer was able to be hired successfully upon graduation. Out of 6 completers (last 3 years), all met licensure requirements. Five completers are currently work in K-12 education area: 2 in Alabama and 3 in other states. Overall employment rate for the last 3 years is 83%.