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Professional Teacher Education Program

The Professional Teacher Education Program at Tuskegee University refers to the phase of the education major’s program --- usually the last two years--- after most students have completed all general education requirements of their program, taken at least three “professional education” courses (EDUC 0113 Freshmen Seminar in Teaching I, EDUC 0114 Freshmen Seminar in Teaching II, and EDUC 0203 Introduction to Professional Education), submitted a formal application and received notification of admission to the Professional Teacher Education Program. 

Admission to the Professional Teacher Education Program is not automatic and requires completion of an Application for admission to Professional Teacher Education and successfully completing an interview. 

Admission to the Professional Teacher Education Program

Procedures and Requirements

A. Prospective teacher candidates must complete and submit a formal written (word-processed) application for admission. Application packets are available in the Office of the Dean: Suite 202 Huntington Hall. Supportive documentation must be included in the order below. 

  1. The Curriculum Balance Sheet that includes grades in all courses completed.
  2. The Curriculum Balance Sheet must be approved and signed by the student, advisor, and the Department Chair. 
  3. The Curriculum Balance sheet must clearly verify completion of a minimum of 60 hours of General Study courses required in the chosen major with an overall university GPA of 2.50 or higher.
  4. The highest grade obtained in General Studies courses will be used to calculate General Studies GPA in accordance with the “Replacement Grades” and “Repetition of Courses” policies listed in the Tuskegee University Academic Regulations and Procedures for Undergraduates Handbook.
  5. Verification of criminal history background check clearance.

B. Requirements for Admission to Professional Teacher Education Program

  1. A minimum 2.50 GPA in Professional Studies courses completed prior to filing 
  2. an application for admission to the Upper Division Professional Teacher Education Program.
  3. A minimum 2.50 GPA or higher required in the Teaching Field of each major program. 
  4. A passing score on each section of the Tuskegee University English Proficiency Examination (enclose a copy of each examination score with the application
  5. form).
  6. A two-page, word-processed, double-spaced, edited autobiography with one-inch margins. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the autobiography
  7. satisfies high standards of English grammar and mechanics.
  8. Criminal history background checks clearance.
  9. Passing score on the Alabama Educator Certification Testing Program (AECTP).
  10. Satisfactory interview and disposition ratings.
  11. Satisfactory field experiences in the schools.

C. Students must arrange for the following documents to be forwarded to the Office of the Dean. The applicant is responsible for verifying that ALL documents are on file in the Dean’s Office prior to filing an application for Admission to Upper Division Professional Teacher Education Program (documents listed under Part A above).

  1. Two letters of recommendation requested by the students from faculty members whose class(es) students have taken and are required in Tuskegee University’s teacher education programs. 
  2. Transfer students may submit recommendations from faculty members from their transfer universities if the faculty members’ courses have been accepted for admission to Tuskegee University’s teacher education program in which students are currently enrolled. 
  3. Recommendations must be submitted to the Office of the Dean, Huntington Hall, Suite 202, in sealed envelopes with the recommenders’ signatures across the sealed envelopes.
  4. Health Certification signed by a licensed physician, dated within the past 12 months and mailed by the physician to Tuskegee University, School of Education, Office of the Dean, Huntington Hall, Suite 202, Tuskegee, Al 36088.*

*NOTE: To ensure timely arrival of the Health Certification, applicants should initiate health clearance procedures at least one month prior to the deadline for submitting applications to the Dean’s office.

A teacher candidate must meet admission criteria before he or she is admitted to the Professional Teacher Education Program. A candidate may not enroll in more than five professional studies courses prior to meeting all criteria for unconditional admission. The candidate may repeat any of the five courses in which he or she earned a grade “C” or below. The checklist for each approved Class B program “specifies” the five professional studies courses in which a candidate may enroll prior to admission to his/her intended major. Courses listed as teaching field courses on the state-approved checklist are exempted from the five-course limit. A candidate who fails to meet the criteria described above may, consistent with institutional policy, take further work and repeat examinations in an effort to meet admission standards. 

If an individual completes a Class B program and wants to return for a new Class B program, professional studies courses common to both approved checklists are not subject to the five-course limit. However, if the individual has taken more than five professional studies courses on the checklist of the second program, no additional professional studies courses may be taken prior to unconditional admission. 

Professional Teacher Education Admission Status

The Professional Teacher Education Committee reviews applications and conducts an interview with each eligible candidate to determine if a student is qualified to enter the Professional Teacher Education Program. After receiving the committee’s recommendations from the faculty, the Dean notifies each student by letter of his/her Professional Teacher Education admission status.

Professional Teacher Education Grade Standards 

A student will be removed from the Professional Teacher Education Program if either condition below applies:

  1. The student has earned during one semester two grades of “D” or “F” when “C” is the minimum passing grade in subjects listed as essential the chosen field of specialization.
  2. The student has earned one grade of “D” or “F” when “C” is the minimum passing grade in each of two consecutive semesters in subjects listed as essential for the chosen field of specialization.