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TSACS Student Profile

Myles Sampson III
Major: Architecture
Classification: 5th year
Hometown: Pensacola, FL


Myles SampsonWhat made you want to major in Architecture?

While in high school, I knew that design and being creative were my passions. Looking up to my Dad, Myles Sampson Sr., AIA, made majoring in architecture a viable choice and within my reach.  Experimenting with my class schedule as a freshman allowed me to get a glimpse into the various majors on campus, and after my first semester at Tuskegee, I was completely sold on majoring in architecture.  

What do you think makes the department of architecture unique?

The rich history and legacy that surrounds Tuskegee University, truly makes the School a unique experience. It’s truly inspiring to look back at the history of Tuskegee University and see the first vocational trades students who built the buildings in 1893. Today, the architecture program is a small department and is truly a tight knit family. The professors are hands-on and all the students develop a close relationship with their professors and classmates. Students from across studios are eager to help one another, and everyone really encourages to pursue interdisciplinary projects. 

What are your research interests or the thing you are most interested in within the field of architecture?

I am interested in a cross-disciplinary research process involving computer-aided designers, city planners, and architects. I am also interested in robotic implementation in manufacturing in architecture in addition to larger scale issues such as prevailing policies that affect the way architects design and create our cities and neighborhoods.  Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in architecture in addition to sustainable design issues within the profession are also research interests. 

What do you plan to do after you graduate?

After I graduate, I plan to work at home in Pensacola, FL at a local architecture firm before applying to graduate school. In graduate school, I will continue to explore my wide array of research interests. 

What would you tell a student considering changing their major to architecture at Tuskegee University?

The only advice I can give to a prospective student is to be patient and not to be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.  Architecture is extremely time consuming, and there is a large amount of trial and error and iterative work within the field—so being patient is an important skill to have as an architecture student. Also, architecture touches a large amount of problems and offers variety of topics to explore. Being open-minded to everything architecture has to offer from—history, Urbanism, policy, design, technology, etc.—can really help any student focus and find their place in the field of architecture.  

What type of internships and/or co-ops have you had since being at Tuskegee University?

Since being at Tuskegee, I have been exposed to huge academic opportunities and experiences. Namely, I have worked at two architecture firms, Bay Design and Associates, and HOK St. Louis, in addition to receiving a fellowship during my 3rd year to attend the Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunity at MIT.  Our School also sponsors an annual Career Focus Expo where at least 15+ architecture and construction companies and graduate schools attend.

What tips would you give high school students before entering the ARCH Program?

My advice for a transitioning out of high school is to constantly sketch and doodle your ideas in a journal or sketchbook.  Hand drawing is a valuable skill to have as a designer and as an architect. I also recommend becoming a voracious reader. Reading help you explore everything that architecture has to offer and because it allows you to enter conversations and become knowledgeable about different concepts and topics in the field and practice of architecture.