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TSACS Profile Two

Allison Scott
Major: Construction Science and Management
Classification: 4th year
Hometown: Long Beach, CA


Allison ScottWhat made you want to major in construction science and management?

After multiple conversations with the former Construction Department Head, Rogers Hunt, I learned that I was passionate about construction, and my goals were aligned with Tuskegee University’s Construction Science and Management program.

What do you think makes the Robert R. Taylor School of Architecture and Construction Science (TSACS) unique?

TSACS is unique in its diverse curriculum. Everyone has a distinct personality, which provides a collaboration amongst creative perspectives, valuable interpersonal skills, and unique teaching strategies to learn in multiple ways. Tuskegee’s construction program grants opportunity to all students willing to be receptive of its mission set first by Booker T. Washington – “learn to do by doing”.

What is your favorite course you have taken and why?

My favorite course taken here at Tuskegee University is our Green Building Design and Construction. The course introduced me to a global perspective, enlightened my knowledge, and generated new ideas. I learned how sustainability goes far beyond construction and green building since it involves social, environmental, and economic collaborations. 

What are your research interests or the thing you are most interested in within the field of construction science and management?

My research interests are in both, construction production and community development. In these areas, I love managing the exteriors in construction commercial projects. In the community development realm, creating service projects and giving back to others, especially youth are my passions. Without passion, my knowledge is limited.

What do you plan to do after you graduate?

Upon graduation, I plan to continue working for DPR Construction, a company that presents me with opportunities to pursue my passions. They truly uphold their history and core values of integrity, enjoyment, uniqueness, and ever forward with respect. These values are aligned with some of my own.

What would you tell a student considering changing their major to construction science and management at Tuskegee University?

Any student who believes they should change their major for reasons of passion rather than difficulty should do so. Understanding, at that moment, that you have something to prove to yourself rather than anyone else is critical. In construction, you will learn something new every day and it will rarely become discouraging.

What type of internships and or co-ops have you had since being at Tuskegee University?

Since being at Tuskegee University, I have completed one co-op and two internships. During my co-op, I worked as a Project Engineer building an honors residence hall, Lewis Hall, at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, Kentucky. Additionally, I interned as an Office Engineer renovating a residence hall, Rebekah Hall, at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia. I also interned, with discretion from my DPR community, as an Assistant Superintendent on a hospitality project for the Margaritaville Resort in Orlando, Florida.

What tips would you give high school students before entering the construction science and management program?

I would encourage high school students preparing to enter the program to do field research. Expose yourself to construction working environments to gain understanding; but if you do not, you will learn everything when you enter the program. The Department of Construction Science and Management helped me gain experience without initially knowing anything about the field. My final tip is, “Opportunities are everywhere; do not let yours slip away”.