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Continuous Registration & Candidate for Degree

Graduating  seniors  must  clear  all substitutions, incomplete grades and any other academic conditions, within the first half of their graduating term.  Candidates must have been in residence for at least two semesters, one of which shall be the semester during which the degree is awarded.

All students who apply for May graduation will be required to complete final examinations by the end of April.

Students who wish to withdraw their Spring graduation application MUST NOTIFY THE REGISTRAR'S OFFICE IN WRITING BY APRIL 3.

If a student does not complete the academic requirements by the May graduation date, a new application must be filed for a  subsequent graduation.  A separate diploma fee must be paid with each application.

It is the student's responsibility to verify his/her academic status with the Registrar. It is also the student's responsibility to make a proper settlement for all financial obligations.