(PLEASE NOTE: Ongoing updates to this page will be made as deemed appropriate.)

Candidates for Graduation "Musts" and Deadlines

  • Final Examination Schedule for Degree Candidates: Students who have made application for Spring Commencement are required to complete final examinations April 29th – May 2nd.
  • Graduating seniors must clear all substitutions, incomplete grades and any other academic conditions, within the first half of their graduating term. 
  • Graduate students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 in all courses submitted in fulfillment of the degree requirements. Candidates must have been in residence for at least two semesters, one of which shall be the semester during which the degree is awarded.
  • If a student does not complete the academic requirements, a new application must be filed for a subsequent graduation.  A separate application fee must be paid with each application.
  • It is the student's responsibility to verify his/her academic status with his/her Department Head. It is also the student's responsibility to settle all financial obligations.
  • All Candidates must clear financial accounts in the Bursar's Office, and complete an EXIT INTERVIEW in the Financial Aid and Loan Collections Offices. Degree candidates will not be financially cleared for graduation unless they have completed their EXIT INTERVIEWS and satisfied their financial obligations. (Please contact the Registrar's Office for the exact date).
  • Degree Candidates will be notified of their graduation status via their Tuskegee University TigerWeb account. Click on "Graduation Clearance" under Academic Planning.  Students should contact the TU Information Technology Department if they have problems with their TigerWeb account.
  • Degree fees* ($35.00 per degree) must be paid at the Cashier's window, Kresge Center one month prior to graduation.  Students who pay for more than one of the same degree must notify the Registrar.
    • *Same as the Graduation Application Fee
  • All Candidates who do not plan to participate in Commencement Exercises must notify the Registrar in writing before April 30th