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Official Withdrawal and Unofficial Drop & Withdrawal

Official Withdrawal from the University

A student desiring to withdraw from the University must confer with the Dean of the College in which he/she is enrolled and obtain the Official Withdrawal Form.  It is imperative that the student obtains the appropriate signatures, in the order required on the form.  THE INSTRUCTOR FOR EACH CLASS MUST INDICATE THE LAST DAY THE STUDENT ATTENDED HIS/HER RESPECTIVE CLASS AND SIGN in the designated section of the form. Refunds are based on the last date of attendance indicated by the instructor.  Withdrawals are processed through the Office of the Registrar.  The Registrar, in turn, notifies the College Dean, the Bursar and all others who need to know of the withdrawal.  Check the Academic Calendar for the last day to withdraw for the semester.

Unofficial Withdrawal

If a student is enrolled for courses and discontinues class attendance for the remainder of the term, he/she is required to complete and submit official withdrawal papers.  However, if the student decides to leave Tuskegee University without completing and submitting official withdrawal papers, he/she is considered unofficially withdrawn and is subject to receiving failing grades for the term and of being assessed appropriate charges.