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List of Endowed Scholarships for the School of Engineering

Students within the School of Engineering may apply for the scholarships below by contacting Ms. Toya Dean at the following e-mail address: It is currently for RETURNING STUDENTS in the College of Engineering.

  • Lt. Colonel George L. Know Endowment Fund
  • The Issac H and Bertanna O Morrow Endowed Scholarship
  • Willie DeLaine Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • The James Wendell George Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Bishop and Millicent Holifield Scholarship
  • The Ronald Kirk Washington Endowed Scholarship
  • The Endowed Sonat Foundation Minority Engineering Scholarship 
  • The Paul Jones and Family Endowment 
  • Archie A. Alexander Memorial Scholarship
  • Amy Archer Scholarship Fund
  • The Goldsboro-Lindsay Endowed Scholarship
  • Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corporation
  • Richard D. Morrison 
  • Tuskegee University Engineering Alumni Association
  • Procter & Gamble Technical Undergraduate Scholarship Endowment
  • Jewelle C. Burch Endowed Scholarship Fund